10 Mistakes that Could Ruin First Dates

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A couple on a first date

First dates are fun. The idea of meeting someone is exciting. Going on first dates doesn’t come with any pressure to settle down or think of a real relationship immediately. But it can make or break the chance of true love. It can also feel like walking on a tightrope. You think that you need to impress without coming on too strong or feeling too desperate.

The early stages of dating are important. What happens on the first date will always leave a mark. It will determine if there will be more dates to follow or just one. People will always have different ideas when it comes to how a first date should be. While a lot of first date tips will guide you on that lasting impression and score a second date, here are some mistakes you should avoid.

Too touchy

On a first date, it is important to keep things casual and friendly. Keep your hands to yourself. You might think that being physically close means that you are into them. This behavior can actually put someone off – a quick way to ruin a first date.

Showing up late

Not showing up on time is a big no-no on a first date. It creates a horrible first impression and annoys the person waiting. If some unavoidable circumstances happen, call and let the other person know that you will be arriving late. And do not forget to apologize once you arrive.

Being uptight when your date splits the bill

Sure, you want to show off and let your date know you can take care of them. Do not feel like your ego has been stepped on if your date insists on splitting the bill. We live in a society where egalitarian partnerships are common. Everyone works and earns money. It is normal for women to pay their bills, too. Dating is not a test. Women just want to be equal and create boundaries.

Rudeness to service crews

Nothing screams irritability, obnoxiousness, or entitlement more than being rude. If you are in a restaurant where the waiters seem to be doing a bad service, gently inform your date about it. You can suggest going to a different place and hanging out somewhere.

Talking about exes

Another first date mistake people make is talking about their exes. Unless asked directly, avoid that topic. Do not tell your date how much they remind you of your ex. It will only tell them that you have not moved on and still have feelings for the other person. If prompted, just say simple and nice things quickly and try to politely change the subject.

Drinking too much

Getting drunk on a first date raises a major red flag. Your date will know if you just drank that whiskey to ease the first date jitters or if you drown yourself in alcohol every night.

Make the date be about yourself

While it is normal to talk a lot when you are nervous, try to avoid talking so much about yourself. Ask questions about each other – it conveys engagement. It is a turn-off for your date when you do not ask questions or don’t show interest in their answers when you do. Make it a two-way conversation – listen and engage. Share stories. However, if you find that your date’s answers are way too boring, then maybe it’s time to re-evaluate the whole situation.

Checking your phone

Simply put, if you check your phone every now and then, it creates the impression that you are bored or distracted. It is never appealing to the person in front of you. If you need to, explain and apologize. Do it quickly or excuse yourself.

Discussing money talks

Discussing money – whether bragging about how much you have or how little – is way too tacky. It makes people uncomfortable, especially if you are both getting to know each other. No one wants to listen about how you flew first class or went on an exclusive ski trip during a first date.

Giving a tirade or lecture about cherished ideals and beliefs

Politics or religion should not be discussed on a first date. Everyone has strong beliefs regarding these topics. Sometimes you get too excited and go from a healthy discussion to monopolizing the whole conversation. Be cautious with topics you feel passionate or angry about. Your date may have a different view and you do not want to have your first date end with both of you in a bad temper.

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  • Ceci

    Things wrong on first dates are right later ones??? 😒

    • Hanni

      No, no, they’re not. Watching the behaviour on the first date, you can understand if this person is the right for you. It’s like an indicator, I think.


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