Amazing story with a good end or how two lonely and desperate souls found each other!

Julia was never a usual girl, she is a creative person who was fully involved in art to escape from real world. Dating in real life brought her only disappointments and sadness and only for our site she had some hope. At first she seemed skeptical, but one day, getting a letter from unusual military guy her eyes were sparkling!
She told that first times when she looked at him photos she thought: It’s he – the man with perfect sense of humor, who will truly love me and with whom I will be able to behave like a little child!

And her predicr a few hours in text and video chats, now Julia admits that even when she had some emergent deals she refused from them and ran home to feel him, to be near him, to laugh at his jokes! It was incredible feeling!

Timothy and Julia were communicating for 3 months and then he came to her. They had extremely romantic first dates and Julia was afraid of such strong feelings, she closed in herself for a few days and didn’t know what to do, because she never had such serious relations earlier.

He went to another city, because he knew Ukraine well and because he tried to accept her decision, it was difficult, but he was brave. But true love cannot be stopped so easy, right?)

When he left her she understood that he is a sense of her being and that she cannot and doesn’t want to live without him, she gathered all her will and came to him. Since that day it is impossible to see them separately somewhere. And we truly hope that soon we will celebrate the wedding of this wonderful couple!