3 months ago Elina saw an expression of interest in her Mailbox from Richard. At first she could not understand whether she really liked the man in the photo with a brief description in his profile, but her true feminine curiosity won out. Going online, she decided to talk with him in a chat.

They could not stop talking from the first days of dating online. They exchanged letters,then they chatted on video every day. After 3 months of such communication Richard invited Elina to visit him in Quebec, Canada.

While Elina was filling out her application for visa online, Richard decided to surprise her, he left everything in Quebec and flew to Krivoy Rog (Ukraine), to the apartment of his Elina because he could no longer wait for happiness with his lady.

Together they visited the sea coast in the South of Ukraine and enjoyed  beautiful sunsets. The Black sea helped them to realize that they really love each other. Upon arrival to Krivoy Rog, Richard bought an engagement ring and proposed to Elina!

She accepted!