1. The following Terms and Conditions apply to every person who applies to be a member of this website and / or engages the services of Dating International (“DI”) for any reason. They are to protect you and the members listed on the site from any illegal or scamming activity and to ensure that all members (men and women) who join and use this site can do so in a safe and secure manner. By registering through our website you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions including any amendments posted to this website by DI at any time. In the event of inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and any other communication entered into between you and DI then these Terms and Conditions shall take precedence at all times. Any amendments will be effective immediately upon being posted to this website.
  2. Definitions

    1. “DI” shall mean Dating International, owned and operated by Single Women International Limited, a company incorporated under New Zealand law with its registered offices in Wellington, New Zealand.
    2. “Website” shall mean
    3. “Terms and Conditions” shall mean these terms and conditions including any amendments posted on the website by DI from time to time.
    4. “IMBRA” means International Marriage Broker Regulations Act of 2005 of the United States Federal Statutes.
  3. Collection and use of information

    1. DI provides services to people looking to find a marriage partner. DI is committed to providing a safe environment for you to meet, converse with and get to know other people. DI acts at all times as a safe conduit for you to distribute your profile information to others.
    2. By becoming a member of DI and / or its website you grant DI an irrevocable perpetual nonexclusive worldwide right to use, display and distribute your information by any means known now or in the future and to use this content for any purposes whatsoever without any notice or compensation to you including without limitation the using on the website and preparing derivative works of or incorporating into other works.
    3. DI will not be liable to you or any other party for any use it makes of your information provided by you to DI.
    4. You agree to provide accurate and truthful information about yourself when using the website and in communication with other members. You agree not to use the website for any illegal activities, the transmission of chain letters or junk email to other members, harass, abuse, solicit or advertise to any other member.
    5. You may request a member’s contact details but there is no requirement for the contact details to be provided.
  4. Membership

    1. To become a member and retain membership of DI and gain / maintain access to the website you must:
      1. Have the capacity to enter a legally binding contract; and
      2. Be eighteen (18) years of age or older; and
      3. Not have been convicted of a violent or sexually related criminal offence in any country; and
      4. Not have previously been banned from using this website or any other similar website; and
      5. Not be directly or indirectly involved (in any capacity) in the operation of a service that competes with the services of DI; and
      6. Not currently be married or in a long term relationship; and
      7. At all times provide accurate and truthful information about yourself when using the website and in communication with other members; and
      8. Not use the website for any illegal activities; and
      9. Not transmit any chain letters or junk email to other members, harass, abuse, solicit or advertise to any member; and
      10. Not pursue any goals of monetary gain through the contacts originated from the use of the website and confirm you are aware that such use will be considered a breach of these Terms and Conditions resulting in termination of your membership; and
      11. Not include any obscene language or obscene images in any communications with DI; and
      12. Follow all communication terms outlined in the section below.
    2. DI reserves the right in its sole discretion to refuse access to its website by any person without having to provide any reason for doing so.
    3. Website content is the sole property of DI and is protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws. Except as otherwise explicitly agreed in writing DI owned content received through the website may be downloaded, displayed, reformatted and printed for your personal non-commercial use only through the means of a private home computer solely for the purposes of meeting a partner in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
    4. You shall not reproduce, retransmit, distribute, sell, publish, broadcast or circulate or in any way disclose or use for circulation the information received from the website to anyone else including but not limited to your friends, family or colleagues without DI’s prior written consent.
    5. All information published on DI’s website on behalf of its members is displayed solely for the purposes of DI’s services and website and its members and is not an authority to use that information for any other purpose whatsoever.
  5. Communication

    1. DI provides systems to facilitate communication between members on the website, primarily using the messaging and live chat systems. In communicating with other members on the website, you must:
      1. Not communicate with or attempt to communicate with any person who has indicated that he or she does not wish to communicate with you or does not wish to continue to communicate with you; and
      2. Not include any obscene language or obscene images in any communications with any DI members; and
      3. You authorise messages to be vetted to ensure the terms above are followed. DI is authorised to restrict, exclude or remove any information which breaches these rules or for any other reason at our own discretion.
  6. Termination

    1. DI may terminate any membership at any time for any reason whatsoever.
    2. If DI terminates your membership because you have breached these Terms and Conditions you will not be entitled to a refund of your unused subscriptions.
    3. DI reserves the right to decline to register, suspend or terminate any membership without entering into further discussions with you. Without limiting the foregoing, DI may terminate your membership if:
      1. A serious complaint or multiple complaints have been received about you from other members which DI has reasonable grounds to believe are well founded; and / or
      2. You breach these Terms and Conditions; and / or
      3. You impersonate another member; and / or
      4. You provide false information about yourself or others; and / or
      5. If DI in its sole discretion deems your behaviour to be unacceptable.
    4. The website is for personal use of individual users only and may not be used for any other purpose than meeting a partner for a relationship with the intention of a future marriage. If you do not intend to meet a partner for a relationship with the intention of a future marriage you must refrain from using this website. The use of this website for any other purpose is strictly prohibited.
    5. DI reserves the right to delete or remove any content posted by you from the website and to restrict, suspend or terminate your access to the website at any time if DI have reasonable cause to do so (including but without limitation our good faith belief that you have violated these Terms and Conditions) without prior notice and without any liability to you or anyone else whatsoever.
    6. If you elect to terminate your account you must advise DI by e-mail. Termination of your account will be effective from our receipt of your e-mail. There are two types of account termination available:
      1. Deactivation (recommended) hides your profile from other members on the site and stops you from receiving any emails. All data associated with your account is retained indefinitely (i.e. conversations, chats, transaction history, etc) and your account can be reactivated in future if requested by email. This method of termination will be used unless otherwise explicitly stated in your termination request.
      2. Anonymisation is a non-reversible process that anonymises or removes all stored information that you have entered on the site such that it cannot be used to identify you as an individual.
    7. Where a member voluntarily terminates their membership DI will not refund the portion of unused subscriptions.
    8. Notwithstanding termination of your membership you agree to remain legally bound by these Terms and Conditions and agree that at the time of termination you will no longer use any information you have obtained from the website and / or DI and shall delete such information immediately.
  7. Pricing and fees

    1. You agree to pay all fees and charges to use DI communication services.
    2. DI reserves the right to change fees charged or introduce new fees at any time.
    3. DI can arrange all your travel, transfers and accommodation. A quote for each individual travel package will be provided and the travel costs must be paid in full in advance.
    4. Please note that when you make a purchase by entering your card details directly on this site, your card statement will read ALW*datingintl442033188334
  8. Warranty

    1. DI will abide by its company principles posted on its website from time to time. Notwithstanding these Terms and Conditions DI makes no warranty that:
      1. The service provided will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error free; or
      2. The information provided on the website is error free or reliable; or
      3. The quality of any products or services obtained through the website will meet your requirements; or
      4. Members are who they say they are.
  9. Limitation of liability

    1. DI shall not be liable under any circumstances for any direct or indirect, incidental, special, consequential, exemplary loss or damages including but not limited to damages for loss of profit, goodwill use, data or other intangible losses that result from DI’s services or website or the inability to access DI’s services or website.
    2. DI shall not be liable for the cost of procurement of substitute goods or services claimed by any member.
    3. DI shall not be liable for the conduct or statements of members or third parties in relation to its services.
  10. Indemnity

    1. DI takes all reasonable steps to properly vet all applicants who wish to be a member of DI’s website (both men and women) in order to maintain a genuine service. This includes manually approving all profiles before the profile is made public and members having to verify their email address.
    2. Every Slavic lady on the site has been vetted before she is accepted onto the site and her profile is active. This includes interviewing her, taking copies of her passport, including marital status, checking her email address and phone number and arranging photos for her profile.
    3. You can report any suspicious activity to us using the Abuse Reporting button on every members profile. This includes:
      • Obscene or Indecent Images
      • Obscene language or behaviour during chats
      • Requests for money and gifts
      • Any other abuse
      • False information in a Profile

      All abuse reports will be confidential and we will respond to you within 48 hours

      Never send money to a member who you have never met and report him or her if he or she asks for money or suggests he or she needs assistance for him or her or his or her family.

      4. You agree to fully indemnify DI from and against all claims, liability, loss, costs and expenses (including legal costs on a full solicitor / client basis) incurred or suffered by DI in respect of or in connection with:

      1. Information contained in your profile; and / or
      2. Any material, including (without limitation) photos and messages you post to or enter on the website; and / or
      3. Your communications with or behaviour towards other members; and / or
      4. Any death, personal injury or damage to property you may cause; and / or
      5. Your breach of these Terms and Conditions or any applicable laws.
  11. Resolution of disputes

    1. DI is not a party to any dispute between you and another member. Accordingly you agree:
      1. Not to involve or attempt to involve DI in any dispute or in the resolution of disputes that arise between you and another member as a result of the services provided by DI; and
      2. Not to use the services or website to engage in or attempt to resolve the dispute.
  12. IMBRA law for US citizens

    1. DI abides by the US IMBRA laws.
  13. Miscellaneous

    1. These Terms and Conditions comprise the entire agreement between you and DI regarding use of its website and the provision of DI’s services and including any amendments to the Terms and Conditions made by DI from time to time.
    2. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions shall be invalid, void or illegal or unenforceable the validity, existence, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not be affected, prejudiced or impaired in any way.
    3. Failure by DI to enforce any of the Terms and Conditions contained herein shall not be deemed to be a waiver of the rights or obligations DI has under these Terms and Conditions.
    4. DI shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform its obligations in relation to the operation of its website or the provision of services.