Philippe & Yuliya

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We are delighted to share with you another success story of our lovely couple of Philippe and Yuliya.

Tam & Marina

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Welcome to the amazing world of our lovely couple. We are extremely excited to share with you our latest news! One more star started shining the brightest ever. Please, greet our new happy couple Tam and Marina. They are definitely full of the joys of spring right now. Just take a look at the story they have… read more

Olga & Bruno

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We are delighted to share more great news with you! We have another blossoming internet marriage!

Steve & Svetlana

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Svetlana and Steve have been building their relationships brick by brick – at first with help of letters and chats, then during correspondence via

Timothy & Julia

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Amazing story with a good end or how two lonely and desperate souls found each other! Julia was never a usual girl, she is a creative person who was fully involved in art to escape from real world. Dating in real life brought her only disappointments and sadness and only for our site she had… read more

Andrey & Lyudmila

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We are happy to share wonderful news about marriage of Andrey and Lyudmila! Ludmila is young and beautiful lady and there was nothing surprising that

Robert & Svetlana

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Last month Robert travelled from USA to Ukraine to meet his special lady. He was full of hope but he could never have dreamed that

Richard & Elina

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3 months ago Elina saw an expression of interest in her Mailbox from Richard. At first she could not understand whether she really

Juan & Oksana

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Love Story of Oksana and Juan! Hi, my name is Oksana and I want to share my story with you. I have lived all my life in Ukraine, successfully graduated from

Steve & Marina

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Few months ago we announced about our new happy couple Steve and Marina and today we were informed that Steve made a propose to his